RACKLUTION-OP Server Product

RACKLUTION-OP is GIGABYTE’s server product line based on OCP Open Rack Standards. The products are designed for a 21” OCP rack and feature a separate PSU system, with power supplied to each server node by a bus-bar system running along the rear of the rack.

What is the Open Compute Project?

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is an open source initiative launched in 2011 by Facebook with the purpose to design and share innovative specifications for better datacenters. Part of this initiative has been a set of standards released by the members of the OCP, called the Open Rack Standards, that contain design guidelines and specifications in order to create more efficient, flexible, and scalable datacenter hardware.


Efficient Rack Density
  • Optimal design (2OU 3nodes) - balanced consideration between density and power consumption.
Thermal Optimization
  • Best thermal consideration to develop Rack and Nodes based on Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle concept.
  • Reduce power consumption of cooling.
Greater Power Efficiency
  • Low PUE helps reduce data center operating expense.
  • Central power shelf design to enhance power efficiency and optimize power consumption .
Easy Maintenance
  • Easier maintenance in front cold aisle instead of hot aisle.
  • Tool-less design for easy replacement and repair.
  • Less PSU quantities in whole rack to minimize maintenance efforts.
Higher MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
  • Centralizing power supplies and removing unnecessary components to enhance MTBF.
  • Avoids system downtime caused by component failure and minimizes maintenance efforts.
Converged Server Applications
  • Suitable for software-defined applications, Intel RSD compatible.
Greater Power Efficiency: up to 22% over traditional 19” rack

PSU are removed from each rack-mount and consolidated into a separate module, that can be cooled and managed more efficiently. Power units are also easier to service and replace.

This graph shows the average power savings realized with RACKLUTION-OP compared to a comparable 19” traditional rack fitted with 1U rack-mounts, both equipped with Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors

RACKLUTION-OP Version 1.0 VS Version 2.0

Version 1.0
Version 2.0