BIOS update for Side Channel Analysis Security issue Mitigations
Back in January, Google Project Zero (GPZ) disclosed Meltdown and Spectre security flaws. Variant 4 and Variant 3a are derivatives of these side channel methods still active today. Leading browser providers deployed mitigations for Variant 1 in their managed run times, substantially increasing the difficulty of exploiting side channels in web browsers. The same solution is applicable to Variant 4 and is available for consumers to use today.

However, to ensure full mitigation and to prevent this method from being used in other ways, GIGABYTE and Intel are working closely together to release a combination of microcode and software updates to fight Variant 4. The same microcode includes the solution to Variant 3a and it will be released by Intel during 2018 WW22. GIGABYTE will apply new microcode updates as soon as reasonably possible to ensure users enjoy the latest security features.

Updates will be delivered as new BIOS versions and should be available in 2018 WW24. Please use this site as a gateway to compatible GIGABYTE motherboards.

For more information on the Intel security vulnerabilities, please visit the Intel Security Center website for further details:

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