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  • Original Design

    A key feature of the board is Thunderbolt 3 support: the integrated Intel controller provides image output in huge resolutions (so the motherboard is aimed at designers, CAD engineers, etc.) and very fast data exchange, with up to 6 devices connected to each port. Thunderbolt 3 ports have a Type-C connector and can be used for various needs, including as fast USB 3.1 ports. For Thunderbolt 3 support, which is still very rare to be found in motherboards, Gigabyte Z390 Designare receives our award.
    iXBT 2019/02
  • Recommended

    The Z390 Designare is Solid motherboard, full-bodied, with excellent connectivity. It will serve those who seek the best of all worlds. For its versatility ,Z390 Designare got our recommended medal. Well done.
    Hardware zone 2018/12
  • Gold award

    We continue with our new temperature test. After 12 hours of prime95 in long duration we get a temperature in the VRM from 70 ºC to 73 ºC on average . There are some peaks, but the cooling capacity is very good. We recommend that this test is with the stock speed of the i9-9900k. We believe that it is a highly recommended option for graphic design and enthusiastic PC configurations. So much for connectivity, features and components.
    Profesional Review 2018/12