GIGABYTE Boosts Intel's Xeon Scalable Platform With Triple GPU Support

GIGABYTE Releases First GPU-Supporting Product Based On Skylake Purley Architecture

GIGABYTE is gearing up for the release of the first GPU-supporting server based on Intel's Skylake Purley architecture. Leveraging the latter's scalability - which can be applied across compute, network and storage applications - GIGABYTE has committed its design expertise to a high-performance system with GPU-focused, OCP-based and other add-on functionality. 
This server adopts Intel's new product family - officially named the 'Intel Xeon Scalable' and its increased I/O options to deliver a truly high-performance, flexible system.

GIGABYTE's new system takes advantage of the performance benefits that Intel has built in to target a range of segments and created a system that meets HPC needs. From the Intel side, we have:
Increased Memory Bandwidth
The CPU architecture allows for up to 6 memory channels per socket (and 50% generation-on-generation increase) and a bandwidth of up to 2666MT/s. 
Increased Memory Capacity
Memory capacity is also increased with up to available 1.5TB per socket, which represents a 2x gen-on-gen increase. This is supported by new AVX-512 to boost performance. 
Innovative Extension Options
- innovative storage; integrated QAT for improved compression and security; improved networking.
This also means that the 10% increase (gen-on-gen) in I/O is not compromised by the fabric and can be used for additional storage and accelerators:

GIGABYTE's R281-G30 2U GPU Server

GIGABYTE's design team has developed a series of systems incorporating both the advancements of Intel's Xeon Scalable family and the unique precision design features that GIGABYTE is recognised for.

High Density Add-On Slots - GIGABYTE brings you the most options in terms of Full-Height, Half-Length/Low-profile/OCP slots for Intel Xeon Scalable systems in the market.
This model is designed to support up to 3x double-slot GPUs alongside OCP Mezzanine and FHHL slots.
Alternatively, these 3x slots can be filled with up to 8x PCIe x8, or 3x PCIe x16 add-on cards (other combinations possible).

Optimized for high TDP - these systems are thermally designed with the highest rated bins in mind so that performance is impressive whichever Xeon Scalable CPU you choose. All systems in this series are supplied with stereo holes. They are also powered by 80+ Platinum (or above) PSUs to ensure over 90% power supply efficiency. In addition, the 4x system fans are fully swappable.

Dense Storage  - the system comes kitted out with slots for up to 24x 2.5" HDDs.

Environmental Compliance immediate adherence to new RoHS regulations introduced in July 2017

In addition, GIGABYTE's systems continue to ship with:
Tool-less design for ease of installation and management
- IPMI and Redfish compatibility designed in

"GIGABYTE continues to deliver what the market is asking for on the newest platforms", said Etay Lee, GM, GIGABYTE. "With this initial GPU offering on Xeon Scalable, we are demonstrating our intention to continue leadership in the GPU server space".

Initially, GIGABYTE will offer this flexible GPU-compatible SKU on the Intel Xeon Scalable platform. These offer a range of expansion slots combinations.
See the link below for more information and stay tuned for news on further upcoming GPGPU and 2U, 4 node systems based on this architecture.

GIGABYTE's R281-G30 GPU/Add-On Card Server

Product Information: 

GIGABYTE, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is recognized as a global leading brand in the IT industry, with employees and business channels in almost every country. Founded in 1986, GIGABYTE started as a research and development team and has since taken the lead in the world's motherboard and graphics card markets. On top of Motherboards and Graphics cards, GIGABYTE further expanded its product portfolio to include PC Components, PC Peripherals, Laptops, Desktop PCs, Network Communications, Servers & Datacenter systems and Mobile Phones to serve each facet of the digital life in the home and office. Everyday GIGABYTE aims to “Upgrade Your Life” with innovative technology, exceptional quality, and unmatched customer service. 
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